Most Commonly Requested Topics:

"Virginia's Road to Resiliency," Sea-Level Rise Planning and Engineering

"Great Expectations," Port Modernization in the Post Panamex Era

Leadership (High School and College Students)

"French Savoir Faire meets Yankee Ingenuity," U.S. Coastal Fortifications

"Why we Fight," The Nature of War Theory

"Nation Builders," the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"Waters of the US?"  Understanding Wetland Permitting

"I was approached by multiple members, all who said you did an excellent job today.  If you are willing, we would like to have you back to speak again"  -- Chris Mendez, Norfolk SERTOMA after February 2nd talk on Sea Level Rise. 

Honor Speaking


  • January 11, Norfolk Sertoma Club
  • February 2, ODU ASCE Chapter, on Port Modernization
  • February 7, Thoroughgood Civic League, Bayside Pres. Church, 7:00pm
  • February 8, Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Critical Infrastructure
  • May 10,  Town Point Club, Norfolk, Port Modernization.